Early Learning

The first years of any child’s life are crucial for his or her future development. Preschool children not only grow physically but also emotionally, socially, intellectually and verbally. It is vital they get appropriate guidance to pave the way for their transition into school and life.

Play is an integral part of every child’s developmental process and it is through the process of “playing” that every child learns.


Every activity a child participates in, within our program, is designed to achieve certain objectives. We do this by providing a balance of free and directed play, which forms the basis of our day-to-day program.

Through play children learn about life – about challenges and successes and to 'expect the unexpected'.


While we are facilitators in this process, we learn together with the children and embark on an incredible journey of discovery each and every day with them.


We believe in early intervention and therefore provide Occupational Therapy and Speech screening, with parental approval. These external specialists are often able to use our facilities for sessions with the children.


To document each child’s journey, each child has an online digital portfolio assessable to parents at all times.  Their documentation allows children and parents to revisit and remember all the beautiful experiences they shared with their friends and educators during their time at the Emanuel Woollahra Preschool.