Jewish Life

Learning about Judaism is an important part of the curriculum. Our daily Preschool life is interwoven with Judaism.


We aim to instill in the children a love of Judaism through the telling of stories, songs and dances in accordance with the Jewish Calendar.


In connection with the  Emanuel Synagogue, the Rabbis visit the children throughout the week, teaching them about Torah and the different elements of Judaism. The Rabbis also take the children into the Synagogue to show them what makes a Synagogue so special.


Shabbat and Kabbalat Shabbat
We celebrate Shabbat in each class every Friday saying the prayers and singing songs. During the year each child will get the opportunity to take home the Shabbat Box which includes candle sticks, wine cup, challah, a prayer book and other Shabbat resources, that they can use for their family Shabbat.


All families are invited to a Kabbalat Shabbat service that is held at both the Preschool and the Synagogue. We value these occasions as they bring the families together and create beautiful memories of the child’s time at our Preschool.


Jewish Festivals 
With each festival comes a wonderful learning experience for our children. The children are taught about the Jewish holidays through songs, stories, role playing, dance and games. We are committed to ensuring the children understand each festival including its significance and how we embrace it into our everyday lives.


We have a dedicated teacher at our Preschool who implements the Chalav-U’Dvash program to teach Hebrew using play and conversation.  The program is designed for children aged three to six and includes a broad range of developmentally appropriate activities and interactive teaching aids.