There are many opportunities during the year for parents to become involved in the Emanuel Woollahra Preschool community. We look forward to getting to know you and welcome your support at Preschool functions and the Parent Club.

Parent Club
Parent Club is run by a group of volunteer parents. We encourage all parents to become involved in the Parent Club, no matter how little or how much they can do. We believe everly little bit helps.


As a Not For Profit organisation, we rely on the funds raised by the Parent Club to further enhance our facilities and the educational experience of the children.


The Parent Club has an important function as it helps to unite our families as a community.


Board of Management
The Board of Management is comprised of elected parents, members of the community and representatives of Emanuel Synagogue.

It is during Term 1 of each year that parents who wish to be a part of the Board will be nominated and then elected during the Annual General Meeting.


The Director, staff and Board of Management work together to ensure the smooth running of the Preschool.


Class Parents
Class parents are chosen at the beginning of each year. The form part of the Parent Club and facilitate communication with the parents of each class. They also help create a cohesive parent group with optimum responses to activities in the Preschool.


We understand that each family comes with a unique set of skills and experiences that they can share with our Preschool and we encourage each parent to spend time with us. In the past, we have enjoyed parents who help in class with reading or art work, help to prepare for festivals, assist in the office or work in the garden.

Each year special fundraising events are held to raise money to purchase those special items that make your child’s experience at our Preschool the best and most comfortable it can be. Each year the Director and teachers formulate a list of requirements and a wish list. It is through the efforts of the Parent Club and the generosity of the parents of Emanuel Woollahra Preschool that we have been able to do things like upgrade our playground and install much needed air conditioning.


We also accept donations made outside of our fund rasiing events and these donations can be made by contacting the Director during school hours.


Parent Interviews
Apart from daily communication, parent/ teacher interviews are conducted twice a year to ensure all relevant information is being clearly communicated.


During a child’s time at our Preschool, teachers are contantly observing and assessing each child, noting the child’s strengths and areas that may require furhter development, e.g. fine and gross motor skills and social and emotional development.


The Parent Interview provides the parents with the opportunity to sit with their child’s teacher on a one-to-one basis and discuss how their child is progressing. Suggestions will be made on how to improve on the areas that may require additional attention. Interviews occur twice a year, at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.