Weekly Activities

Emanuel Woollahra Preschool is proud to be associated with Einsteinz Music and Playball. We include them to compliment our existing music and gross-motor programs, as a specialised part of our curriculum throughout the year. 


Einsteinz Music

Music has been proven to aid children’s cognitive skills and their ability to form sequences – all of which are precursors to learning mathematics and computers. 


In weekly Einsteinz Music classes children play a variety of instruments to tune their fine motor skills while the social aspect of the sessions helps with concepts of sharing and respect for each other and their teacher.


All of Einsteinz Music Teachers are professional musicians, who bring unique skills and passion to teaching children.



Playball is a program for 3-7 year old's which develops skills in all areas (physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually) through the use of carefully selected games and activities.


It is a program that not only develops motor and sporting skills at this early age but also teaches children about life e.g. competing with yourself in order to achieve your best as opposed to competing with others. These skills are taught in a safe, caring and nurturing environment, by trained Playball coaches.